Redbus Bingo

Red Bus Bingo review

The latest site to rumble up to No Bull Bingo online is the fantastic Redbus Bingo. Brought to you by those that set up Wink Bingo, there’s will be little doubt in any seasoned player’s mind that this latest bingo online offering will be every bit as fun.

Jump on board for a capital time!

So what can you expect from a tour of London via this particular Red Bus’ route? Well for starters there’s a spin round Big Ben that’s enough to turn anyone’s head. With £1m to play for, you could find a £25 bingo bonus when you deposit £10, which means you’ll have £35 to play with! That’s an extra 250%. worthy of a city banker in your account the next day, and all for playing your favourite game! Get on board at Redbus Bingo at 9.30pm every Friday or get your £1 ticket in advance. Either way make sure you don’t miss out on what could be the journey of a lifetime!

Get on top of their timetable

If you simply can’t wait till Friday however, there’s still plenty to ring your bell here, like the chance to win guaranteed jackpots three times a day every day in freebie games! Despite many sites offering bingo no deposit games, there aren’t many who can top this fab offer -especially since the top prize is a share of a whopping £500. As far as bingo free bonuses go, this is an unmissable one, so make sure you get off at the 500 Free room tonight at 10.15pm to see whether you hit the pot or not!

What do points mean?

Redbus Bingo also loves a good chinwag with it’s players as well as a good session, and to prove it, they also give away 5,000bps every day to the roomie who comes up with the best chirp of the day. Simply email angie with your favourite joke, recipe, story or comments about the site and you could be the lucky one to stack up on bonus points.

In fact if points are your thing, it’s worth knowing that offers players a share of Redbus Bingo £25,000 four times a year! All you have to do is collect pot points and for every 500 in your account, you’ll get a free card in the big game! Bingo on the pot of gold pattern, or wager on your favourite games to earn points. Watch out too for bingo bonus codes in your account which allow you extra bingo bonuses on top of your deposits. Popping up every now and then, it’s worth stopping by just to see if you’ve got a bingo bonus code in your wallet. Good luck pot pickers!