Bingo Hollywood

Imagine if there were a bingo online site where celeb goss and glitz met with the mighty power of the bingo online game that we all love so dearly. Clearly it would be as good a meeting of minds as when banana and toffee first formed their enduring allegiance, or since Posh met Becks. Until now however the perfect unity of Hollywood and Bingo has never been realised, but brace yourselves roomies for now we can announce that Bingo Hollywood is set to dazzle and confound you and best of all as a regular player you will be treated like the star you know you truly are.

Forget the who’s who, here’s the what’s what

This ultra-cool site is offering all sorts of bingo bonuses to the legion of fans it will undoubtedly attain, and with bingo free no deposit games aplenty for all, you won’t even have to spend loads of cash to hit the big time at Bingo Hollywood. Among the gossip mill it was rumored that Bingo Hollywood will be welcoming all new converts into it’s huge mansion of a bingo site with a massive 500% first bingo bonus of £25 free when you deposit £5 or £10 and get £30 or £60 to play with and a stonking 100% reload bonus thereafter and for once the showbiz gossip turned out to be true! Phew!

Horray for Hollywood; Bingo Hollywood that is!

The games here are as imaginative as a brilliant Director looking to realise his vision on screen. What with explosive features like the chance to become the Super Star of the Day and the excitement of games which emulate Hollywood makeovers, who knows where playing at Bingo Hollywood could transport you to? Keep up to date with all that’s going on onsite with the Bingo Star and you’ll soon realise why we are calling the Bingo Hollywood site solid gold!

The wind beneath their wings

Bingo Hollywood has been set up under the guidance of the tried and tested 888 brand so for all of you who are familiar with the fat ladies of bingo online already, the brand new Bingo Hollywood site is an exciting extension of your exisiting gaming. We pride ourselves on being the first to know what’s going online, so we will make sure we give you a heads up if we hear of any bingo promotion codes or bingo bonus codes that support the new Bingo Hollywood site.