Bingo Cams

Want to hear about the next big thing in UK bingo before anyone else? – Then you’ve come to the right place bingo fans! Before we recommend you to the best in bingo however, we suggest you grab a cuppa and a biccy so you’re comfy while we tell you about a bingo revolution that is bound to change the way you and all your roomie mates play!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Bingo Cams is a brand new site that – having made it’s name abroad – is now looking to extend it’s audience to the UK market. This cool site not only has a unique take on the game that helps it to stand out from the rest which is bourne out of the use of webcams but it also has a £5 no deposit sign up AND a 300% cashmatch bonus + 25 free spins on first deposit meaning that for £10 deposit you’ll get £35 free play! Playing here also means that you can not only get closer to the game for FREE and to everyone else in it too, it is certain that live streams from the site and from those playing opens up the of new possibilities friendships as never before…

Get Your Glad Rags On

Bringing this new dimension to existing and to new roomie friendships, you can chat live to those who you get on with at Bingo Cams as well as ask questions of the Chat Moderators face to face. While the ability to chat live to others is a brilliant innovation in bingo play, our favourite use of this technology is the Bingo Cams Win Moment feature. With all winning players reactions to their sucess recorded for prosperity, everyone gets to see your unique Winning Moment and this magic moment if it is deemed humourous or special in some way, can in itself earn you extra cash! There is in fact £1,000 up for grabs for the Live Win Moment that’s voted the best, so make sure you think ahead just in case Lady Luck smiles at you while you’re in play! Don’t worry too much if you miss the big pot for your moment however- all win moments are uploaded to the Bingo cams hall of fame and you’ll earn extra credits for your recording too.

Invite Friends Round To Your Place

Bingo Cams also enables players to meet privately via their web cam and rather than being locked away in a private room somewhere communicating just via text. With this new technology behind you, it’s now possible to have a two-way or even a three-way chat face to face via your web cam in complete privacy so you can get to know your new friends better. This allows all players to spend some quality time together no matter where in the world they are based. In short, we love this latest development in bingo gaming and having bought a job lot of web cams for the office we suggest you do the same so we can all make the most of what bingocams has to offer.