888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo is a fantastic provider of online bingo and related games, and is also a member of the incredibly popular Joy of Bingo Network which is a leading company in control of a number of many popular bingo sites such as Wink Bingo and Tasty Bingo. Joy’s ability able to provide customers across Europe with a variety of different bingo services is without doubt and their ingenius idea to combine loyalty points across all their sites is one of their biggest hits with players. 888 Ladies Bingo, as the name suggests, is an online website that caters specifically to female customers, though not exclusively of course- its latest incarnation in fact sees the main pink theme dropped in favour of a more subtle approach. Indeed, although bingo is predominantly a ladies’ game anyway, the many bingo bonuses and promotional offers available on the website are now less obviously driven towards the female audience.

Bingo Free Bonuses

At present, the company’s website offers a generous £50 bingo bonus once you have deposited £10 and play with £60, so it’s well worth getting on board as soon as you can. Free cash is not the only bingo free bonus available at 888 Ladies Bingo either, with free bingo games every hour, get your six freebie tickets and settle in to play for £300 every day during the week and £500 on the weekend! 888 Ladies Bingo also offers huge bingo bonuses in the form of a staggering 500% welcome bonus comprised of 250% Bingo Bonus AND a 250% Games Bonus ( upto £500 bonus in total ) and even better a staggering 50% reload bonus scheme for all it’s players. With incentives such these on site it’s no wonder why these Ladies don’t need to fill up the internet with external bingo promotional codes as other sites do to get roomies on board!

Functionality and Types of Games

888 Ladies Bingo incorporates user friendly interactivity and good in-game functionality. Security is industry standard and games are generally hosted without any technical problems whatsoever. The types of games provided by the site include instant games, such as scratchcards, multiline slots and roulette, in addition to various bingo games, such as 75 and 90 ball bingo. In short, this fantastic ladies oriented website offers a diverse range of games that are guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of interests.

User Feedback and Other Information

Generally speaking, the website has received fantastic feedback from its loyal members. This is partly due to the superb range of games on offer and partly because of the excellent prize draws that are routinely made on the website. Indeed, this bingo review can confirm that 888 Ladies Bingo is more than just a mere bingo website – it is a bona fide online gaming community.