Beginner’s Guide to Bingo

As you may have noticed both from the number of ads on telly and the ads in the paper, online bingo is growing in popularity all the time! Once dominated by land based clubs, that ran stringent sessions times, most often populated with the ‘more mature lady’, bingo has of late transformed its image and been reborn on the internet. Compared to the more restrictive version of bingo we once knew, online bingo is a fantastically widely social experience. Getting on board here really suits so many as the online game is as inclusive as is possible so even those restricted in terms of mobility can now get involved, have fun, meet new people and maybe even win a little extra money on the way! Getting started is really easy, and here is a quick run through the bingo beginner’s guide!

Start Simply…

First, keep it simple, have a good look around to find a website you like. Visit those featured on No Bull if you’re looking for trusted sites that players love. You may be able to trial run many websites before making a deposit, but it is worth even making small deposits and trying out many websites to find one that suits you. Just like any land based clubs, each online site will attract different crowds of people. Talk to the Chat Hosts in each room and get to know the regulars. You can also read online reviews of websites that will give you ideas as to payouts, types of games and clientèle!

Recognise Your Limits

It is important to know your financial limits and stick to them. Many bingo websites have guidelines regarding responsible gambling, so have a quick read before you start. Also consider setting daily deposit limits, so you cannot be tempted to get carried away!

The most common types of bingo are 90 and 75 ball, and each vary slightly but both are hugely popular. The goal in 90 ball bingo is to mark off one line, two lines, then a full house. In 75 ball bingo you may have to mark off a pattern or to ‘cover all’ the squares. Jackpots and prizes will vary, usually in correlation to the ticket price and number of people in the room. Roll-overs and progressive jackpots will normally require you to claim within a certain number of calls. Link games will mean bigger prizes, but less chance of winning, as many clubs link up and pool prize money.

Relax and Just Have Fun!

Do not worry about ‘keeping up’ as online bingo software is adopted to auto daub your numbers and even to auto claim for you, allowing you to participate in bingo chat games. Bingo chat games are normally run by chat moderators and are to accrue bingo points, which can be exchanged for bingo tickets.

That’s Not All There is…

Many websites also allow you to play slot machine, or instant games concurrently to playing bingo. Indeed, bingo tournaments are run in chat games, along side many promotions and special offers, such as BOGOF, penny bingo, and rolling loyalty deposit bonus schemes. Upload your picture, or introduce a friend and you can also gain loyalty points!